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No boat needed at this time of the year. April is one of those times of year where you can catch all the fish you want just by fishing from shore. All you need is a little insight on where to go.

One of the best shore fishing spot on the lake is not on the lake at all, its the stilling basin. The stilling basin is located just below the dam. The purpose of the stilling basin is to slow the flow of water coming out from under the lake and entering into the river. The stilling basin is connected to a huge concrete tower just on the other side of the dam within the lake. The two are connected by a concrete pipe that runs underneath of the dam.

The tower in the lake has three gates on the side of it. One at the bottom one in the middle and one at the top. The amount of flow in the stilling basin is controlled by the opening and closing of these gates. The temperature in the stilling basin is also controlled by the gates located on the side of the tower.

For example in the summer time when the water on the surface of the lake is 80 degrees. At 100 feet deep the water temperature is 45 degrees and at the middle gate its 60 degrees. The stilling basin water temperature can be adjusted from 45 degrees to 80 degrees just by where and how much water flows through these gates. These gates are also how all the different fish species that are in the lake end up in the stilling basin. If an unsuspecting walleye or striped bass is swimming to close to one of these gates on the side of the tower when water is being pulled off the lake it will be sucked in to the tower to be deposited in the stilling basin.

With in the concrete walls of the stilling basin it is 35 feet deep. This is like a big deep cold well oxygenated pond. Another good reason to be fishing in the stilling basin in April is spawning walleye. The walleye that are living in the east and west fork of the whitewater river will have the urge to swim up stream. As they do this they will come to the stilling basin. When they get there they will meander do to being blocked by the dam from going any further. The month of April is prime time fishing time at the stilling basin don't miss it.

Another good shore fishing spot that you don't want to over look is the river that feeds the lake. In April the walleye and white bass make a run up this river. The area I'm talking about is between liberty and Connersville Indiana on state road 44. The DNR has a big parking lot next to the river in an area called Treaty line. This is a perfect spot to park the car and spend the day fishing. The river is easily accessible for everybody. The white bass is a schooling fish so where there is one there is a hundred. The walleye will be mixed right in with them, but look for them close to the bottom. To catch white bass its just a simple cast and retrieve with a small white curly tail or a small in-line spinner. If your looking for walleye your best bet is to use a crank bait or swim a jig and curly tail just above the bottom.

Remember these places are rivers and are subject to flooding in the spring.

April showers bring May flowers.

Good luck

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